AgTrack Crops



The Crops display provides definition of the crops grown on the user’s farm. Crops identified in this list can then be selected for a field in the Crop Rotation. The information included in the crop definition is used by the system for shrinkage and bushel calculations.

Information included in crop definition area is as follows:

  • Crop Name – Unique name for crop.
  • Bushel Weight – pounds per bushel, used by the system to convert dry weight to bushels.
  • Shrinkage – % of shrink per % of moisture over moisture limit, used by the system to covert net wet weight to dry weight.
  • Moisture Limit – Maximum allowable moisture to avoid shrinkage
  • FM Limit – Maximum allowable foreign matter to avoid dock
  • FM Dock – % dock per % foreign matter over FM Limit

The Variety definition area is used to define the varieties grown on the users farm for the crop selected above.



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