AgTrack Tickets



The scale ticket display consists of a listing of loads harvested from the selected field in the rotation.

Ticket Data header display area contains information as follows.

  • Rotation – Selection of the rotation (crop year) to be displayed
  • Crop – Selection of the crop to be displayed. Only crops defined in the selected rotation will be displayed.
  • Field – Selection of the field for which loads will be displayed. Only fields defined in the selected rotation and crop will be displayed.
  • Acre – acreage of the field in the selected rotation.
  • Bushels – Total dry bushels of all load harvested for the field.
  • Bushels / Acre – Dry bushels per acre harvested based on the acreage of the field.
  • Avg. Moisture – average moisture of all loads harvested for the field

Ticket Data display area contains information as follows.

  • Date – Date load was harvested.
  • Load – Load number (Automatically incremented for each load entered).
  • Ticket – Number/Identification of weigh ticket (Not Required).
  • Variety – Variety of crop harvested (Not Required). Pull down list is provided of varieties entered in selected rotation
  • Tare Weight – Tare weight of truck.
  • Wet Weight – Gross weight of loaded truck.
  • Moisture – Moisture (%) of crop harvested as measured or from elevator ticket.
  • Bushels – Calculated dry bushels of crop harvested based on type of crop, moisture and shrink factor.

The red circle to the left of each field is used to field the owner from the system.
The user may “double-click” on any scale ticket to review and/or edit the information in the ticket or to enter a new ticket as shown in the Ticket Detail display shown below.



The Ticket Detail is a data entry form that is opened when the user “double-clicks” on a load in the Ticket Display.  The Rotation, Field and Crop associated with the ticket are displayed in the banner.  All of the ticket information is displayed along with the moisture limit, shrink factor, foreign matter limit and foreign matter dock.  Previous and Next buttons are part of the form which allow the user to scroll through the harvested loads.  If any information is changed for a load a Save button will be displayed, information that was changed will be lost if the save button is not pressed.  A New button is displayed to open a ticket detail data entry form for a new load.

Ticket Data display area contains information as follows.

  • Date (default is current date)
  • Load (sequential number)
  • Ticket (optional)
  • Variety (from Crops data)
  • Tare Weight
  • Truck Select or Manual Entry
  • Steering Weight
  • Drive Weight
  • Trailer Weight
  • Wet Weight (Calculated)
  • Moisture
  • Moisture Limit
  • Shrinkage
  • Dry Weight Total Weight (Calculated)
  • Foreign Matter
  • Foreign Matter Limit
  • Foreign Matter Dock
  • Foreign Matter Weight (Calculated)
  • Test Weight
  • Bushels
  • Save
  • New
  • Previous
  • Next

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