Case Studies

  A local farmer came to Control Design Solutions Ltd. (CDSL), the parent company of Ag PAC, with a request.  He wanted to have better control over his grain management system and to reap the many benefits that come with having a smarter system.  CDSL investigated his grain handling setup and was able to offer a proposed solution that would accomplish all of his goals.  The solution that CDSL provided, offered him two options for controlling the system; he could either choose a system that utilized pushbuttons and selector switches for control or a system that included an integrated HMI (human machine interface) that would be used to control all of the equipment.  He accepted the proposal and decided to pick the system with the integrated HMI.

  The experienced team of engineers at CDSL got to work designing and integrating his new system into his existing equipment.  CDSL had several VFD’s (variable frequency drives) installed that would convert single phase power into balanced three phase power and also offer variable speed control and soft-start capabilities, had a PLD (programmable logic controller) installed to act as the brain of all of the system and control all of the equipment, and had the HMI installed to provide the interface through which the farmer would be able to easily control and manage all of his equipment from a central location.  CDSL also provided start-up assistance to test the system, making sure that all parts were working as they should.  The project was a resounding success; CDSL was able to give a local farmer exactly what he wanted.  With the new control system he had much greater control over his grain handling equipment, truly balanced three phase power, and the capability to control many things automatically without him needed to be there to run the equipment.  This was one of the jobs that inspired Dave Wagner, principle of both CDS, to create Ag PAC to better work with the unique challenges of the agricultural community.

A local farmer had an existing system to control his grain handling equipment that consisted of several VFD’s (Variable Frequency Drives) and a central PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) but he needed it to be expanded with a few additional devices.  He called in the controls experts at Control Design Solutions Ltd. (CDSL), the parent company of Ag PAC, to do the job.  CDSL met with the farmer and talked about what his goals were for his grain handling system and what kind of equipment additions that would be necessary to make those goals a reality.  To meet his goals, the engineers at CDSL had an HMI (Human Machine Interface) installed into the existing PLC enclosure that would allow one person to easily control and manage the entire system from one central location.

CDSL also had two Whirligig sensors, four LevAlert sensors, and an additional VFD installed into the system.  The additional sensors would feed information into the HMI and provide the user with a more complete picture of what was going on in the various parts of the system, while the VFD was installed to control motors on two additional bins that had been put up since the existing control system had been installed.  CDSL engineers reprogrammed the PLC and provided assistance with the start-up and testing of the new system.  At the end of the day, all of the project goals were completed successfully and the farmer had a new system with the capabilities he needed to be fully in control of his grain handling operation.  The successful completion of this job was one of the factors that led Dave Wagner, principle of CDSL, to form Ag PAC to better serve the unique need of the agricultural community.

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