Grain Handling HMI

Ag Power and Controls, AgPAC, has designed and developed graphic interface solutions for grain handling systems.  The solutions provide end users with the means to better manage their grain handling operations.  The graphic interface integrates control of all associated equipment into a central point of control. The graphic interface provides our systems with flexibility that is not possible with typical hardwired systems.



  • Complete System Overview
  • Automatic and Manual Control
  • One Button Operation
  • Email Notification/Alarms,Periodic
  • Alarm Display
  • User Configurable Parameters
  • Motor Amperage Display/Trends
  • Remote Monitoring


  • Reduces Installation Cost
  • Aides in Trouble Shooting
  • Intuitive Operator Controls
  • Easily Adapt to Changing Requirements
  • Manual Control of all devices
  • Simplifies Operating Adjustments

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