Variable Frequency Drive


Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for Agri Power Conversion


Three phase commercial power is not common in rural areas. This creates an obstacle to today’s modern farmers who are progressively building larger grain handling systems. The farmer in most instances has a 240 volt single phase source of power. This is a problem in that motors over 10 Hp. are very expensive when compared to their three phase counterparts. To extend three phase power to these systems has been historically very expensive so one of the only options was to live with that or install clumsy and inefficient rotary converters. On the other hand American industry has utilized VFDs for many years because of the control they provide. These VFDs powered three phase motors from a three phase source. Much more recently the need for large motor control in rural areas has prompted the utilization of VFDs for grain handling and irrigation. The VFD is able to do this because of the way it is designed wherein it turns AC to DC then back to AC. The output AC has the three phases needed for these motors.


Typical Indoor Installation

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Installation in Outdoor Enclosure

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VFD Features:

  • Can use single phase power to drive three phase motors
  • Replace conventional motor starters
  • Provide a “soft” start-up and shut down for motors  
  • Efficient to run and allows delivery of balanced power
  • Combining with a PLC offers customized control
  • Adjustable overload settings allow specific machinery protection


VFD Benefits:

  • Soft motor starts reduce wear and extend equipment life
  • Ease of installation saves on labor costs and material
  • Overall ROI positive solution
  • Simplifies solution to power conversion

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