PLC Controlled Grain Handling

AgPAC designs grain handling systems that provide the user with the means to better manage their grain handling operations. The systems integrate control of all associated equipment into a central control system with a color graphic user interface for easy to understand control from a central location. Integration of the grain handling equipment allows the system to continuously monitor and automatically control all associated equipment based on any change within the system. The integrated system requires minimal operator intervention but provides the user with the flexibility to operate efficiently.


  • Automatic and Manual Control
  • One Button Operation
  • Alarm Display
  • Unattended Fan Operation.
  • User Configurable Parameters
  • Motor Amperage Displays/Trends
  • Automatic sequential start-up/shutdown
  • Bin Aeration Fan Automatic Control


  • Easier Use Than Hardwired System 
  • Maximize System Throughput
  • Reduced Electrical Devices & Associated Installation Cost (link)
  • Easily Adapt to Changing Requirements
  • Reduce Energy Costs
  • Protect and Extend Equipment Life


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